Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird and SMP
Author Daniel Rail

> Hi,

>>> When the number of users is small, then yes classic will not perform

> by "Small" you mean: from 1 to abou 200 (2 hundred) ?? .. right ??

Approximately. But it also depends on what the application does. If
you have to run a lengthy report, on SS the other users might notice a
slow-down, but nobody will notice the same effect in CS.

> BTW... can I setup FB SS read cache to something more than 10,000 pages??
> (I've noticed that in IB 6.0 this was not recomended)

I forgot to mention something new in FB 1.5. The management for
temporary sort files that gets created when performing a query that
contains a SORT in its PLAN have changed. The physical memory is used
before the hard-drive is used for those sort files. Also, the
performance of the data retrieval has been augmented greatly in FB 1.5
compared to FB 1.0, IB 6.X and IB 7.

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