Subject RE: [ib-support] GBAK question
Author Alan McDonald
hmmm, then why is there no change in size to a garbage full database after a
gbak with garbage collection?

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Subject: RE: [ib-support] GBAK question

> when you say yes helen, surely you do not mean that the
> remaing gdb file has
> had garbage removed. The option of garbage collection only
> removes garbage
> from the gbk file which is created... No?

No, Garbage Collection (GC) applies to the source database -- does the
GBAK operation force GC to occur for the records being backed up.

The amount of time which GBAK runs for will be longer for backups with
GC active, since the collection will occur before the data is returned
to the backup process.

The backup file will be of the exact same size regardless of whether GC
was active or not. Thus the restore time will also be the same.


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