Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird 1.0.2 Sweep Database
Author Pete Clark
In message <2276800.1046379192270.JavaMail.nobody@...>, ir000387@... writes
>I have a database that is 1GB in size with approximately 3 million records
>(total) stored in several tables. I have taken the database offline and tried
>to do a sweep, but it ran for 8 hours and didn't finish. How long should it
>take? I am not getting any errors at all.
>FYI, the PC is a PIII 1Ghz Dell...
>Dan Cumpian

We do a backup and restore once a week, database 4.5GB, 14 millions
records, which takes about 2 hours to backup and about 4 to restore.
Can't remember the PC specs, but it certainly isn't the latest by any

Pete Clark

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