Subject Re: [ib-support] Interbase/Firebird memory question
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
I cannot help you with your calculations, but would recommend you to start
by checking the Oldest Active Transaction (OAT) and the Next Transaction.
If the gap between these two numbers is big, you have a problem with an
uncommitted transaction (and uncommitted transactions means that the
database may have to store lots of old versions of records).


At 10:29 27.02.2003 +0100, you wrote:
> presently i'm using Interbase 6 Open Source and i'm testing Firebird 1.0
>for the migration. The databases engine (IB6) is installed on a RedHat 7.1
>server machine.
>When the engine start it takes about 18 Mbyte and 4 processes. Then i launch
>some application that use 2 different mono-file databases of maximum 10
>Mbyte size. With about 3 simultaneous connection on the first database and 5
>on the second one my interbase size reach after some days about 120 Mbyte of
>memory with about 8 processes and keep on increasing.
>In order to understand if it's a bug in application or an IB normal
>behaviour i need to make me an idea on how to evaluate the maximum size that
>such database might reach in memory related to the maximum number of active
>connections,the database file size and the IB sever configuration params.
>Anyone can help me to find out a method or an explaining document to solve
>this memory evaluation problem ?
>Thanks for any suggestion.