Subject Re: Howto create >1 field in table, using IBOConsole or IBAccess?
Author Christoph <>
You can do this in IBAccess and I think you can do it in IBOConsole.

In IBAccess:
Click on 'Tables' on the left hand side.
Doubleclick on the table you want to change.
Click on the 'fields' tab.
Click on the 'new' button.
Enter in the field details.
Click on ok.
Say Woo hoo!


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> > exist a command call ALTER TABLE. this command allow add, delete
> fields,
> > indexes, primary key, etc. maybe is similar in MS SQL SERVER.
> I assumed that I could achieve the desired result using DDL,
> but both IBOConsole & IBAccess look like they can do it via their
> GUI, if only I had the missing critical piece of information.