Subject RE: [ib-support] Howto create >1 field in table, using IBOConsole or IBAccess?
Author Wilson, Fred
Ahhh, do you mean something like:

Alter Table blah
Add MyNewColumn INTEGER;

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Subject: [ib-support] Howto create >1 field in table, using IBOConsole or

Using Firebird 1.0.2, Windows 2000 PRo SP3, latest versions of
IBOConsole and IBAccess.
Using IBOConsole, I have created a database, with 1 table which has 1
field. I can't see how to create additional fields in that table -
the only 'create' is for another Table.

Using IBAccess, things look more promising. I can go through the
motions of adding a new field, specify the fieldname, type (varchar)
and maxsixe (32), but when I click 'OK' an error says "unsuccessful
metadata update, table column not found".

I would not expect it to be found, since I am currently trying to
create it.

Help, please. I seem to be missing something obvious but can't see

NB previous experience with databases is somewhat limited - mostly VB
or VB-Script with *.csv files or MS SQL-Server.

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