Subject RE: [ib-support] remote connectivity
Author Pete Bray
> I am new to IB/Firebird, and was wondering what the accepted
> method of getting through a firewall to the database server is?
> Currently we are trying to use VPN but the performance is
> extremely slow. I have read a bunch of articles that say to thro
> w open port 3050 on the firewall/router and map it to the
> database server port 3050. Our network admin has concerns about
> the vulnerability of this to port attacks and malicious hacking.
> Can anyone help me out with some information on this? Thanks.

I use PuTTY which is a freeware SSH client.
It includes optional compression which improves the performance
significantly. we have a linux box running the other side of the router
which securely tunnels the PuTTY session through to the IB/FB server running
on w2k. works great.

Kind regards,
Pete Bray