Subject Re: [ib-support] Recomended component for FireBird & Delphi ?
Author Nando Dessena

A> Do you really think IBX will loose compatibility with FireBird.

it's not a matter of thoughts or opinions; they will, period.
InterBase isn't going to stay compatible with Firebird.
Firebird isn't going to stay compatible with InterBase.
IBX is going to stay compatible with InterBase only.
Draw your conclusions.

A> I use them and I don't see any issues so far.

"So far" is the key. For long-term access to Firebird from Borland
development tools (excl. JBuilder, of course) the choices that I know
of are IBO, Fib+, dbExpress, perhaps ZeosDB. I have seen some IBX forks started
with the aim of providing a Firebird-compatible IBX for the future,

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