Subject Re: [ib-support] Recomended component for FireBird & Delphi ?
Author Martijn Tonies

> What is the recomended/best component for FireBird & Delphi ?

There's no final answer on this.

If you're developing purely client/server, data-aware (with data-aware
edit boxes and the like), need some powerful stuff and grids, try
IBObjects - ...

However, for leightweight access, no data-aware components, IBO
can be a bit "over the top".

Perhaps FIBPlus - - fits in there, I've never tried
it ... yet.

If you need to develop for multiple database engines, you can use
ADO and a Firebird ADO driver or ODBC. If you want to have
more control about transactions, you can try dbExpress (from Borland)
with a Firebird dbExpress driver - ...
Another way to develop for multiple engines would be ZeosLib -

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