Subject RE: [ib-support] Max table size
Author Leyne, Sean (Ext. 225)

> Using the 64-bit IO version of Firebird (1.0.2 Linux) and
> linux filesystem
> ext3 (allows files > 2GB (4?)), how large can a single table be in a
> database that is stored in a single file?

Given that a table can contain multiple BLOB column and each blob can
contain 2GB of data, the limit for a single table is really the limit of
the physical database. I believe that the (current) theoretical limit
is 32TB.

Needless to say, no one has ever tested this limit, the largest single
database (which I'm aware of) is 980GB in size.

> Is it necessary to use multiple files if the database size
> grows > 4GB, or is this a pre-64bit version limit?

This is the pre-64bit limit.

Sean Leyne

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