Subject Re: Help with Multi-threaded application on Localhost
Author marcel_nic <>
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 12:58 PM 25/02/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> > > does the server application (thread) connect with
> > >
> > > localhost:D:\path_to_db\MyDB.gdb
> > >
> > > or
> > >
> > > D:\path_to_db\MyDB.gdb
> >Sorry ! I set Database parameter in "Connection" object to
> >like d:\databases\MyDB.gdb. Is that wrong and why?
> It's wrong for what you are doing. Why? because the local server
> connection under SuperServer isn't designed for multi-threaded
> You need to use the local loopback connection, so that the network
layer is
> used for client-server communication, in a manner that emulates a
> TCP/IP connection.

This is what I need . Thanks very much!
> Naturally, running local client threads won't ever be as efficient
> remote client connections, since each individual thread is going to
> machine resources from the server...but you get what you pay for in
> computer land.
> Have you considered moving your server onto a Linux server box on
its own,
> and running your comparatively resource-hungry application tier as
a remote
> fat client? This way, machine capacity limitations won't get into
> equation, it's cheap and it's highly scalable.
This is one of my future step in tuning this application. In one or
two weeks I will start massive data testing and this is something I
want to test! (I intend to use this configuration in production )
Thanks for your suggestions!

> heLen