Subject Re: Yaffil info at first hand
Author ChiaraPrc <>
Dear Greg,

Where are the source of Yaffil??


--- In, Serg Vostrikov <sv@d...> wrote:
> Dear ChiaraPrc,
> Ccyc> Which kind of license is Yaffil build on?
> Ccyc> Why the source of Yaffil is not public?
> They are public.
> Ccyc> How the can make business on work of other people?
> I think they do not violate IPL, that's the general issue. As
> for private opinions :), everyone has his/her own. That is
> why the English version of interview has been published and
> is why I posted here the announcement. Most of members of this
> group do not have any information about Yaffil at all.
> Ccyc> I hope the borland's doctor in law talk about
> Ccyc> Yaffil and his Microsoft-style of business.
> I do not agree with you about it. IPL has been specially made
> to admit using InterBase code in commercial projects. If
> team does not violate IPL they can make money.
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> Sincerely yours,
> Serg
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