Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Yaffil info at first hand
Author Serg Vostrikov
Dear ChiaraPrc,

Ccyc> Which kind of license is Yaffil build on?
Ccyc> Why the source of Yaffil is not public?
They are public.

Ccyc> How the can make business on work of other people?
I think they do not violate IPL, that's the general issue. As
for private opinions :), everyone has his/her own. That is
why the English version of interview has been published and that
is why I posted here the announcement. Most of members of this
group do not have any information about Yaffil at all.

Ccyc> I hope the borland's doctor in law talk about
Ccyc> Yaffil and his Microsoft-style of business.
I do not agree with you about it. IPL has been specially made
to admit using InterBase code in commercial projects. If Yaffil
team does not violate IPL they can make money.

Sincerely yours,

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