Subject Re: [ib-support] Opinions Sought (Non-technical)
Author Pete Clark
In message <MCBBJNMOGOPKDPGLICFLIENKCDAA.cass.harley@...>,
Cassandra Harley <cass.harley@...> writes
>>I didn't mention
>>it before, as you kept talking about transferring the database, so I
>>assumed that the account wanted to update the data and pass it back.
>That was my original intention, but feel that that may be more difficult (if
>I want to keep inline with good database practices) then first thought. (It
>will also require a lot more thought into the UI of it all).
>>They saved the CSV from the email, into a
>>special directory, where another program was scheduled to run, collect
>>CSV files from various different sources, and update their own data.
>Would you suggest saving to a CSV file as the best method of
>importing/exporting data?

It's simple, uncomplicated, and can be fully automated.

Having said that - "it depends"


Pete Clark

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