Subject SV: [ib-support] Newbie question
Author Datatal AB - Gauffin, Jonas
> If you create your objects with quotes ( "user_info" ) they become
> case sensitive. This is why Firebird Workbench, the tool I
> have created,
> turns everything to Uppercase by default ( see ) to
> avoid any case sensitivity problems.
> btw - your column "userid" is case sensitive as well. The nasty thing
> with case-sensitive objects in Firebird, is that you need to use the
> quotes everywhere:
> SELECT "userid" FROM "user_info" WHERE ... etc...
> See - ask your questions in a way we have the info, get an answer in
> return that is useful :)

Thanks for the help. I'm used to casesensitivess from mysql, but not
used to programs that changes the case when you execute a query as
IBOConsole did. Rather strange that you have to use "" to force the
case, don't you think?

Again thanks for pointing this out to me.