Subject RE: [ib-support] Complex View - Bug or Feature?
Author wasith zaki
I try this on different computer using Firebird and it
works fine.
Maybe I miss something (new feature)? Or some one could give me link or
right place to ask about this information.

TIA, again sorry for my English.

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> Subject: [ib-support] Complex View
> I've created a View called VICOMPANY. With this view I want to display
> all information related to company in one row (speed not
> considered too
> much). Maybe some one have better suggestion. FYI I'm using
> FB 1.5 Beta
> 2 Win, Win2000 Server.
> But when I select VICOMPANY based on COM_ID, it will raise invalid
> request handle : The cursor identified in a FETCH or CLOSE
> statement is
> not open. It only happen if I select using COM_ID.
> Select * from VICOMPANY where COM_ID=1
> How to fix this view (What was wrong?) so I can select it using above
> statement.
> TIA, sorry for my English
> Here is my SQL for this view.

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