Subject RE: [ib-support] Network Connecting through a Firewall
Author Pete Bray
i can't speak with much authority on this but on my set up here i first off
configure the router to patch external access to port 3050 through to
internal port 3050 on the 192.168.xx.xx machine. then connect to the
firebird server using the router ip address.

if your system is similar then you will need the ip address of the router
(it will most likely be required to configure the NAT, port pass through
stuff via a web browser).

Kind regards,

> Can anyone help me with a network connect to Interbase/Firebird through a
> Network connection.
> The situation is that the there is a router/firewall installed.
> We have the Firebird database on one of the workstations off the router.
> 1. How do I determine the IP address of the Router.
> 2. How do I set the connection string to the workstation where the DB is
> located.
> the workstation has a 192.168.xx.xx type IP address, so how do I
> go through
> the router/firewall to get to the database with the
>\mydb.gdb database?