Subject Re: [ib-support] error in dnvl udf (fbudf)
Author Ernesto Cullen
> Ernesto Cullen wrote:
> > And another question: if the ImporteTotal field were Numeric(18,6),
> > do I have to use dnvl, invl or i64nvl?
> I think i64nvl... have you tried it?
> This is probably why you got wrong result with DNVL.

does the numeric(18,2) gets stored as int64? I thought that was true only
when you have more than 4 decimals...
I tried using I64NVL, and get something promising: instead of 605 i got
60500 -It seems that i have to scale the result myself. I tried again with
the field defined as numeric(18,6) and get 6 zeros, so that seems to be the

Thanks for the reply

Ernesto Cullen