Subject Re: [ib-support] Utility to find slow queries?
Author Mark Patterson
Svein Erling Tysvaer wrote:
> At 18:05 20.02.2003 +1100, you wrote:
> Transactions: Committing transactions take time, so when you handle a batch
> of records, you may gain speed by having quite a few of them within the
> same transaction (e.g. commit every 10000 insert/update/delete).

This is reading only. Does the use of transaction affect reading?

> Datasets: Preparing a dataset does takes time, hence if possible prepare
> the dataset in advance and use parameters rather than recreating the sql
> for each insert/update/delete. I'm using IBO, and using Params is also a
> bit quicker than ParamByName, but not to the magnitude 9/2 I don't think.

I have been thinking about that, but I don't think that's out main problem.
Maybe I'll try it anyway.

> And then, this list is a good 'utility' to find what make your queries
> slow, once you identify which queries are slow, how slow they are and give
> us lots of information about them (including the sql, plan, index
> definition and selectivity and the occational piece of code ;o)

Yep, as we get our tests done I'll try to get more specific questions. I have
already posted the sql and the indexes. How do I post a plan? I've mentioned the
selectivity. I don't want to make my posts forbiddingly long be repeating it
each time.