Subject Re: [ib-support] FB and Terminal Services
Author Kenneth Foo
AFAIK, this has something to do with the naming of the memory mapped file of
FB under Windows Terminal

Terminal Server requires a naming for a globally-visible object as
"Global\XXXX" where XXXX
is the name of the object. (Do a search on "global namespace" in MSDN to
find out more. NT4 does
not support the "Global" prefix well though.). Without the "Global\" prefix,
the object is only visible from within the session where the object was
started, in this case, from the main Server console itself since FB service
started there.

Since you're running GBAK from a different session that that of firebird
under terminal services, this object
is not accessible... unless you're accessing the server via TCP/IP. But GBAK
does not have any switch
that I know of to tell it to use TCP/IP instead.

If you're using IBConsole or IBOConsole, you can try connection to a
"Remote" server instead of "Local server".
Use "" as the server address. That should theoretically work...

I'm wondering if there are any "fixes" for this coming soon?
I'm running a Win2k server that has terminal services running...and I can't
do many things without resorting
back to the Main server console.

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Subject: [ib-support] FB and Terminal Services

> I have a application running on windows terminal server and I get WIN
> 1224 error when I try to backup and restore the database.
> I looked at the error code description and it says
> ERROR_USER_MAPPED_FILE. How do I fix this? Can anyone point me in the
> right direction.
> Regards
> Sandeep
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