Subject Re: Post in transaction
Author Béru
""Burak OZLER"" <burak.ozler@...> wrote in message
> Hi all,
> I have a problem that must have solved very urgently.
> 1 - I start a transaction1
> 2 - Edit AA
> 3 - Change a value at table AA
> 4 - Post AA
> 5 - Start transaction2
> 5 - Change or insert a record to an another table (BB), one field
at BB references a field at AA
> 6 - The referenced value at BB is the row at AA that was edited and
> 7 - When I try to post the data at BB I get an
> "lock conflict on no wait transaction
> violation of FOREIGN KEY constrait "FK_XXX" on table "BB"."
> error.
> how can I achive to post the BB before committing transaction1??

Unfortunately, I don't think you can. The key here is to keep your
transactions as short as possible and use "wait" instead of "no wait".

Berenger Enselme