Subject Re: [ib-support] Internal gds ... problem
Author Milan Babuskov
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Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 02:38
Subject: Re: [ib-support] Internal gds ... problem

> > I made some updates to my database DDL, and once I disconnected, I
> > cannot reconnect again. I get this error from isql:
> > Statement failed, SQLCODE = -902
> > internal gds software consistency check (decompression overran buffer
> > (179))
> > Server is Firebird 1.0.2.
> > I cannot gbak, or gfix, both throw the same error as above.
> > Any suggestions how to save the data in this database?
> > It's is not very important (I can reproduce the data with some
> > effort), but it would be better if I could get it back.
> Usually, this is related to having more data in a field than it
> should have. This can happen if you are using a multi-byte character
> set. That's what happened to me. Also, this "could" happen if you
> try to reduce the size of a field by modifying the system tables
> directly.
> Try using the command-line tool ISQL to query your tables(if you
> observed closely when the error occurred, you probably already know
> which table contains the defective data, before performing this task)
> and to help you find the record that contains the field that is
> causing this error. Once you found the record, do note which one it is
> and delete that record in particular. Please do note that there might
> be other rows that might contain the same error, so check everything
> to make sure before proceeding. Once you are sure everything is fine,
> then you can try a backup.

There's the problem, I cannot connect to database with isql. I also cannot
run gbak or gfix on it. It just gives that error and quits. I read a lot of
articles about this error (searched both ib-support and mers archive) but
all suggestions were about backing up with "this or that" options, or doing
gfix whit some various options.

The problem is that I cannot run gbak or gfix on this db...

Any suggestions?
The .zip of database is about 5MB, if someone is interested to take a look.