Subject Re: [ib-support] Advice for web base application
Author Adam Clarke
Here's one of out tested formulae, and the one that I tend to think
walks a good line betwen maintainability and elegance.

- Optionally mod_perl because then your perl scripts will get compiled
once and therefore be FAST! Also you can control the apache
request-response cycle in clever ways if need be.
- DBI (perl module for database interaction) (use Apache::DBI if using
mod_perl since it will cache your filehandles)
- DBD::Interbase (also firebird) ( Driver for DBI )
- CGI::Application (Nice framework for producing maintainable CGI
- Optionally template-toolkit but at least HTML:: Template (keep your
HTML away from your code)
- CGI::Session or Apache::Session (For maintaining state between requests)

Notes is your friend
the O'Reilley perl books are your friend is your friend is your friend


A6-CMO Philippe Makowski wrote:

>I want to do an open-source web based application with Firebird, what is the
>best choice ?
>Apache/PHP (but the PHP driver for now is for Interbase)
>Apache/cgi in C ?
>What else ?