Subject Re: [ib-support] Interview with Mark O'Donohue
Author Mark Patterson
Adrian Roman wrote:
>>Is it possible to convert current c++ code to delphi?
> And C++ is a better language than Delphi...

I did C first, and enjoyed it, then did Delphi, and liked it more, then started
reading "Core C++" to get into C++. The author repeatedly had to point out traps
that almost encourage you to introduce bugs into the program, where the same
problem was not present in Pascal. Many of those problems are there because the
original authors of C were not concered about reliability but terseness. So, the
Pascal programmer doesn't need to use as much of his attention avoiding such
unnecessary problems, and is more likely to avoid whole rafts of bugs.

Plus, Pascal compilers can compile fsster, keeping the programmers mind on the
code, not interrupted as much by long compiles.

But C++ has some nice features.

Anyway, this is getting off topic. I'm glad we can use FB so well from Delphi.

== Mark Patterson