Subject RE: [ib-support] backing up problem
Author Alan McDonald
do you need a vbs script? I would wonder about ACL with regard to the
scripting engine.
I would better recommend a plain old vanila DOS batch file. I do it on all
my servers. There are also specialist backup services if you want them (see


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Subject: [ib-support] backing up problem


Firebird 1.02 / Windows 2000 Server

I'm trying to write up a .vbs script to be used by the schedular to
backup my firebird database regulary. So for it works when I'm logged
in and just run the scheduled task.
However, when I leave the PC at it's login screen, there seems to go
something wrong when the tasks starts. The gbak gives an error 1.
What's the cause of this? Why doesn't it works when I'm not logged
in. I let the script run as the same user as when logged in.

Is it needed to shutdown firebird each time when making a backup?


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