Subject Re: [ib-support] 64 vs. 32-bit I/O
Author Bojidar Alexandrov
Phil Shrimpton wrote:
> On Sunday 16 February 2003 22:53, you wrote:
> Hi,
>> What is the benefit of using 64-bit I/O for
>> the Linux version of Firebird?
> You can have a single database file bigger that 2GB. Using 32bit
> I\O, each database file can be a max of 2GB, but each database can be
> made of of many files. It does not mean you can have bigger DB's,
> but with 64bit, you can have big db's in a single file
> Phil

Is there impact on performance? I am not familiar with 64bit IO - Is'nt it
uses larger blocks for transfers with hdd controler?

Bojidar Alexanrov
Kodar Ltd.