Subject Re: pros and cons of dbExpress , IBX , IBO , FIBPlus , ZeosLib
Author Marco Menardi <>
--- In, "Jon Perez" <jbperez808@y...> wrote:
> What are the pros and cons of the different
> Firebird/Interbase access methods for Delphi?
> Some specific questions would be:
> 1) Why would one want to use dbExpress over
> IBX/IBO/FIBPlus (or vice versa)?

IBX and IBO native components simply don't compare. IBX is a very
basic component set if compared with IBO native components. This means
that with IBO you can save a big amount of time and coding, that is
unvaluable, and will provide better functionality to your users.
Learning IBO is much more difficult, but the reward does worth the
I've never used FIBPlus, but reading it's site seems that are a
powerfull set of components too.
For optimized Client/server, IBX it's not enought, IMHO.
dbExpress is a strange beast, since Borland is putting it's strenghts
over them, but they have to be a "minimum common" between different
supported database, and they are a sort of 3 layer architecture
centric, a sort of architecture that I don't like and find not good
for my needs (2 tier is the best choice for me). So if you will
develop 2 tier programs with 3 tier components I think you will find
limits not balanced with any gain.

> 2) What are the pros and cons of IBO vs. FIBPlus?

When I evaluated them, two years ago, FIBPlus was not much better than
IBX, but now they seem to have been improved a lot.
I think that IBO native (not TDataset descendant) and it's C/S
optimized visual controls make the difference.

> 3) Are there any practical reasons for choosing IBX
> over the (ostensibly superior) 3rd party FIBPlus or IBO
> components?

Lot of code saving, and faster bug fix, I suppose. My experience with
IBO is that if you discover a bug and sumbit a patch to the author,
the code is fixed and released soon. This never happened to me with
Borland :(

> 4) If price is the factor and one does not wish to
> purchase IBO or FIBPlus, would it be advisable to
> use ZeosDB objects instead of dbExpress or IBX (both
> of which already come with Delphi at no extra cost)?

If you have no money, it's very difficult that you will have to
purcase Oracle, DB2 or even Interbase, so Firebird is the way to go,
since it's free.
IBO and FIBPlus are the only one that will be compatible with FB 1.5,
If you don't have money but you could have selling your program, IBO
trustware is the right license for you, as it's for me ;) See details
on the ibo site.
As Helen suggested, download demos and samples, and spent some time
with tech info sheets.
Marco Menardi