Subject Re: [ib-support] forced writes off under NT/2K/XP
Author Daniel Rail

> Sorry if this has been answered before, but I just
> need a clarification. An earlier message states:

> "Forced Writes ON will write the data to disk as soon as
> there's a change. Forced Writes OFF, by definition, will
> write the data to disk when the system is idle, but under
> Windows this is performed only when all of the connections
> are disconnected. Your database could start with 3MB in
> size and insert 3GB and never see the physical size increase
> until all connections are disconnected. To my knowledge,
> the problem doesn't exist on the other platforms(OS)."

> Is this problem still present on Firebird 1.5 for NT?

There's a fix in Firebird 1.5. The problem was that the file buffers
weren't flushed by Windows when it was idle, as the documentation from
MSDN suggested. Now, with Firebird 1.5, you can configure settings
that Firebird would force the buffer flushes to disk at an interval
that you determine. This fix is already in Firebird 1.5 beta 2 and
you can see the configuration parameters in the configuration file

> What about Firebird 1.02? What about Firebird 1.0?

Those fixes were only applied to Firebird 1.5 after 1.02 was out.

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