Subject pros and cons of dbExpress , IBX , IBO , FIBPlus , ZeosLib
Author jbperez808 <>
What are the pros and cons of the different
Firebird/Interbase access methods for Delphi?

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Some specific questions would be:

1) Why would one want to use dbExpress over
IBX/IBO/FIBPlus (or vice versa)?

2) What are the pros and cons of IBO vs. FIBPlus?

3) Are there any practical reasons for choosing IBX
over the (ostensibly superior) 3rd party FIBPlus or IBO

4) If price is the factor and one does not wish to
purchase IBO or FIBPlus, would it be advisable to
use ZeosDB objects instead of dbExpress or IBX (both
of which already come with Delphi at no extra cost)?

5) Related to #4 could be: how serious are any FB
incompatibilities with IBX and the dbExpress Interbase