Subject Re: IBwebadmin, Firebird, & Apache w/PHP
Author Dale Mullins <>
Hello Art.

I am using IBWebAdmin with Firebird/PHP/Windows 2000/IIS. I think the
steps below would quickly get you up and running if you already have
Apache & PHP working correctly, regardless of platform.

1. PHP will use the gds32.dll, so make sure you have at least the
Firebird client installed.

2. Edit your php.ini file and make sure this line is not commented
out (remove the ; ).


You may need to restart Apache after this change (I seem to recall
having to restart IIS).

3. Extract IBWebAdmin to a folder that the web server can access
(i.e. c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ibwebadmin\ with my setup).

4. Edit the file \ibwebadmin\inc\ (the file is
commented so you should be able to figure out what you need to change)

5. (Hopefully :) you will be able to access IBWebAdmin now @

Lutz Brueckner has been extremely helpful and responsive in getting
some problems worked out with IBWebAdmin on the Windows platform that
I was having in the past. Anyone with a need for web based
administration to Firebird should check it out ( ).


--- In, Art Fore <afore@s...> wrote:
> Has anyone used IBwebadmin and if so, do you have any installation
> instructions or know where they are?