Subject Re: bug report / request for general information
Author leu57 <>
> Hi Svein!

> >(2)
> >There still seems to bee a problem with the automatic/background sweep.
> >(fixed bug SF 545725)
> >I wrote a program (DELPHI / BDE) transfering data from a server database
> >to a client, deleting and inserting
> >data from / into the client database. Works fine for the first few times,
> >but with each further repetition it takes
> >more and more time to disconnect (!) from the client. (Does not occure as
> >long a second connection is held to the
> >client database, so I believe its due to a process starting when the last
> >connection is closed (like sweep?) , and
> >this process prevents the disconnect to return until it is terminated.
> >This can take more then 12! hours, depending on the sice of the client and
> >the amount of data deleted.
> >(Is a problem in INTERBASE 6.x as well)
> What is the environment this is happening in?
> Windows NT 4