Subject Re: [ib-support] Why is Firebird so slow?
Author Martijn Tonies

> I'm in need of help.I have been seeing very, very slow performance
> executing queries against a Firebird server.
> For example:
> SELECT OutboundMedia.MKey, OutboundMedia.DestinationDomain
> FROM OutboundMedia, MediaItem
> WHERE MediaItem.IState = 5
> GROUP BY OutboundMedia.MKey, OutboundMedia.DestinationDomain
> And yes, there are many ways to write SQL queries but the syntax is
> not what I'm questioning here. The issue is the ibserver taking 7
> minutes to execute the query and return the results. This sort of

Yeah well - better check your syntax then... 'Cause that's what I'm
questioning. If the above is your real query (and not some cut-down
version for this list) than it's a shitty query... Where are you joining the
two tables? WHAT are you asking? It looks like a carthesian product
to me now ...

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