Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird and Interclient for use with Tomcat
Author Blas Rodriguez Somoza

At 12/02/2003 17:06 +0000, jessica0012003 <david.aldrich@...> wrote:
>I am trying to configure Firebird and a JDBC driver for access by a
>JSP application hosted by Tomcat. I am having difficulty in getting
>it all to work. Firebird is up and running as a service, and Tomcat
>runs the JSP app, but the app fails to connect to the database. I am
>rather baffled by things like CLASSPATH etc, and where the client
>should be installed. I am using Win2000.
>What I would like is a systematic description of how to install
>InterClient and how to test it by using some kind of supplied
>utility. I have not found much useful documentation for this. Any
>suggestions please?
>Then, I would need to test the JDBC connectivity. How could I do
>that independently of my JSP application?
>In a previous post, someone recommended using JayBird instead of
>InterClient. However, it seems to me that JayBird is just a JDBC
>driver, and is not supplied with any utilities that I can run for
>tests. Any comments?

In you are going to use Jaybird, go to the Java mailing list where you will get all the help you need.

The group is

Blas Rodriguez Somoza