Subject Re: Massive INSERT test
Author arbitragex <>
Hi Daniel,

> > I'd appreciate any comment on this test. Is there some type of
> > buffer that keeps growing and never gets reset? Is there a way
> > dynamically flush certain buffers that would equate a service
> > Particularly is there any tweak to possibly limit the size or a
> > to dynamically reset that buffer.
> Could you try the same test using FB 1.5 beta 2? It has some
> enhancements in regards to Forced Writes OFF, look in the
> Firebird.conf configuration file to see what the new configuration
> looks like in this regards. The enhancements made to Forced Writes
> is that the file buffer is flushed to disk when there is a
> write, or after a certain number of commits/disk writes.
> It would be interesting to see what the difference will be.

I'll give it a shot in an upcoming nightly test. I had a couple crash
on the client side and I noticed, I did not loose all the inserts.
So I assumed there were some automatic commits.

I also have seen some place a MAXMEM setting set to 0. Could it be
that it is the ad indefinitum data caching that ends up slowing
things down?