Subject Re: [ib-support] Massive INSERT test
Author Daniel Rail

> I am trying to build a one billion row Table, at least the biggest I
> can for now on a desktop machine.

> I am logging the time it takes to insert a 48 byte row plus three
> indices.

> I am using an 800 Mhz, 300MB+ RAM machine with a baracuda IDE drive.
> Wink2K SP3. FireBird 1.0, Phoenix ODBC driver, SQL dialect 3.


> I'd appreciate any comment on this test. Is there some type of
> buffer that keeps growing and never gets reset? Is there a way to
> dynamically flush certain buffers that would equate a service restart?

> Particularly is there any tweak to possibly limit the size or a way
> to dynamically reset that buffer.

Could you try the same test using FB 1.5 beta 2? It has some
enhancements in regards to Forced Writes OFF, look in the
Firebird.conf configuration file to see what the new configuration
looks like in this regards. The enhancements made to Forced Writes OFF
is that the file buffer is flushed to disk when there is a commit/disk
write, or after a certain number of commits/disk writes.

It would be interesting to see what the difference will be.

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