Subject Re: [ib-support] IB7 and Multithreaded Kernel
Author Pavel Cisar

On 11 Feb 2003 at 13:50, Sandeep Chandra wrote:

> IB7 has Multithreaded kernel that means it will perform much better if
> the number of users increase.

InterBase Super Server architecture always had multithreaded "kernel".
What Borland did for IB 7 is just a fix to it, i.e. more precise locking
on various types of internal data structures instead one mutex for many,
so level of blocking among threads is lower (10-20%). But the real
advantage of this fix is that overall run characteristics of threads fit
better to Windows CPU distribution algorythm, so IB finally "works" on
SMP as expected.

But IB Classic architecture never had this SMP problem (but was not
available for Windows). Because Borland abandoned Classic and now works
only on Super Server, they had to fix it. Firebird Project is evaluating
options to improve both architectures, and it seems that we'll have
"fixed" (with more shared structures) Classic sooner than "fixed" Super

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