Subject Re[2]: [ib-support] Firebird Client (or is there a FAQ to deal with this?)
Author Daniel Rail
Hi Pete,

> Although I have to say that I have no problem developing Delphi (rather
> than the other Borland program that Cassandra is using - C++, was it?),
> together with Firebird on a Win 98 128mb PC.

You're one of the lucky ones. You probably don't have many 3rd party
components installed in Delphi. With the number of components and
experts that I have installed in Delphi, I was rebooting on an average
of 3 to 5 times a day. When I upgraded to Win2000(no added RAM), Delphi was
running smoother and faster, and no reboots, other than after
installing software or upgrades.

Everybody's experience is different.

Have a nice day.

Daniel Rail
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