Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird Client (or is there a FAQ to deal with this?)
Author Lester Caine
> I have been best adviced to use Firebird, and have downloaded the following
> files:
> Firebird_v1_releaseNotes.pdf
> Firebird-

Good start - but I would add -> IB_SQL
This is free to use and provides a simple starting point.

> I also am using Borland CBuilder6.
> I am also running all of this on a win98 standalone machine.

That may be pushing it. I had to move to W2k to get enought
memory installed, but yours is probably just slow?

> I have nothing else. I have installed the Firebird-, and
> the server is now running.
> I was asked whether I wanted to use guardian (and said yes), I have also
> unzipped the fbmgr to c:\windows\system. And installed ibadmin3.
> Yet I still have no idea what to do.
> I played a little with ibadmin3 but it kept wanting database
> username/passwords, which I don't have, I don't have any databases, and I do
> not know how to create them.

You have spotted User = SYSDA and Password = masterkey
until you change them? You can then look at isc4.gdb in the
Firebird directory - just don't change anything yet <g>

> I also am unsure about ibadmin as it is a 30 day trial, and I am only
> starting out at this game (ie no $$ as of yet).

In addition to IB_SQL, there is a sample download of
ibobjects ( I think you still have to ask Jason for the
Builder stuff <g> ) which has example databases amongst
other things.

> I am sure this type of questions are posed every other week on this support
> list, I tried looking in the FAQ, to no avail.

> If someone could help, or point me in the direction of a tutorial, I would
> be much obliged.

The Getting Started Guide from IBO would also help you, it
costs a few $ but is worth the money.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services