Subject RE: [ib-support] DDL
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> > Is there another way to move ownership of all the structures to user
> > "XXX"?
> Yes.
> > If we backup the existing database (as SYSDBA) and restore it as "XXX"
> > would this achieve our objective?
> AFAIK, It should.

This will only change the owner of the datbase but not the ownership
for the different database objects.

I've a tool called "Firebird Owner Migrator", which can probably
help. A snippet from the Readme:

1) What is FBOwnerMigrator?

Most people are using the well known SYSDBA user (or more different users)
for creating the database and all database objects. After a while people
tend to agree, that this wasn't such a great idea, so they want an SYSDBA
different owner for the database and all database objects. The owner of
the database can be changed easily, by doing a restore with the new owner,
but more steps are involved to make the migration to a new owner complete.

FBOwnerMigrator helps you to migrate a database and all database objects
to a choosen new owner by doing some "magic stuff" on system tables. So
there is no need to generate a database with the new user from scratch
and pumping all data from the source to the destination database.

Hopefully FBOwnerMigrator will help you to save many hours of your time,
if you have to migrate many databases at your customers sites.

NOTICE: Please use this utility always on a *COPY* of your production
database and tell me how it works for you! I'm NOT responsible for any
lost data or damaged databases. Use this utility at your own risk!

If you are interested to try FBOwnerMigrator on a *COPY* of your
database, then drop me a line (ts @

Thomas Steinmaurer
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