Subject Re: [ib-support] 1.5 beta
Author Daniel Rail

> two questions:

> 1. where is the support information on the new commands,
> particularly CASE?

Some of the information is found in the release notes for the beta.
But, I suppose there will be more information once FB 1.5 is
officially released.

> 2. why do i have to rename fbserver to ibserver in order to get it
> to run?

You don't have to. Run INSTSVC and INSTREG, and that should install
the registry settings and FB 1.5 service. The reason why the
executables have new names, is that Firebird can run at the same time
as Interbase or Firebird 1.0. Also, FB 1.5 has some added parameters
in the config file, some are to configure the IP port used by FB 1.5.
Unfortunately, I don't know what those parameters are, I'm still
waiting to see the config file.

Hope this answers your questions.

Daniel Rail
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