Subject Firebird service shutdown
Author sugi
Dear all,

The database server is Firebird 1.0 (file version running on
local connection, windows 2000 Pro SP2, Sygate Personal Firewall (if
that matters...:). Firebird is running as service, while the Guardian is

Application developed with D6 SP2, with IBO TDataset components, running
report-oriented queries, normal transactions options (read committed).

The problem is that sometime (cannot reproduce specifically, happens
about once in every two days) the application will complain about
connection lost (or unavailable database) and giving tons of Access
Violation errors. Checking the SERVICE in control panel shows that the
Firebird service is somehow stopped. Restarting the service and the
application seems to make the problem go away.

I'm wondering if this is a known problem in FB or something else. I'm
sorry but the vague description, but I cannot yet reproduce this problem
at will, only happened intermittently. Is there anything I could do to
pinpoint the problem more precisely? What are the possible causes that
will trigger the database to shutdown right away?

Thank you very much in advance.
Sugiharto Lim.