Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: Information on serious issues with different ODBC drivers
Author Alan McDonald
True that it does not say that it's OK with 1.00 or 2
but there have been no datatype changes since then and the interface has
remained unchanged also (gds32.dll is no different) so there would be little
to test (probably)

>Good and bad news in one sentence :-) Why do you not use the Gemini
>driver in production?

I still have an oustanding matter to hear back from them on with regard to
sending parameters in a call to stored procedures. It's been 2 weeks now -
no answer. So I can't move over till I get this working. I have never had a
problem with the INTERSOLV driver but I am stuck with dialect 1 databases
until I can find a driver which works.

I am still a little disappointed that IB/FB does not have a fully compliant
driver. It must be very hard to create one. And it means that the market for
use by M$ dev tools is closed. I know you can write isapi dlls (I've done
that) for web purposes but the use of ASP/ODBC/IB/FB is closed until a
decent driver is available.