Subject Re: Full-text Search Support
Author dcabbar
May I ask how it got so fast? Can you give a bit more detail on this one?

Specifically, how did the containing phrase got so fast? Are you
creating a word-by-word index on a text field, and use it when users
use "containing"? Or, did you just fix a bug or something?


--- In, "Leyne, Sean" <sleyne@a...>
> > Does firebird support full-text/fuzzy search in text columns? i.e.
> > similar to my sql's match ... against? Of course, I am not talking
> > about "like" searches where you can perform starts with type searches.
> >
> > If there is such a functionality, how efficient/good is this?
> The Like/Containing/Starting with code has just been reworked in the FB
> 2.0 code base.
> The new logic supports all text fields, including blobs (new!) and runs
> 3,000 times faster (584sec vs .0187sec)
> The new logic, however, does not extend Firebird functionality to
> include MATCH operator, this may be added at a later date.
> Sean