Subject Re: [firebird-support] Array
Author Olivier Mascia

On Wed, 31 Dec 2003 18:17:53 +0700,
David Garamond wrote :

> What is the typical uses of arrays beside for implementing full text
> matching (storing hits/vectors)? What about its "recommended" uses
> (since array column directly violate 1st normal form)?

A good example would be storage of statistical numerical data. Values
that you will never have to query on separately (so no need for
multi-columns or multi-rows solutions).

The SQL language itself is week at supporting them, but if your
application uses a good interface library, you'll find good support
for arrays handling there.

> What is the future of arrays in Firebird? Is there a distant possibility
> that this feature will be removed?

I hope that arrays will never be dropped !!
And I'll be a hard activist at protecting them if this idea comes
around. :)

Best Regards,
Olivier Mascia