Subject Re: [firebird-support] Full-text Search Support
Author Rajesh Punjabi
>The Like/Containing/Starting with code has just been reworked in the FB
>2.0 code base.
>The new logic supports all text fields, including blobs (new!) and runs
>3,000 times faster (584sec vs .0187sec)
Will this mean that with FB2 the blob search will also run 3000 times
faster ? Or is this performance improvement only for string, varchar fields.

>The new logic, however, does not extend Firebird functionality to
>include MATCH operator, this may be added at a later date.
Is Regular Expressions support also likely to come in ? Or do I have to
continue implementing that from client applications.

Can you point me to a URL that will give a complete list of enhancements
/ new features in FB2. I am particularly interested in those that
improve performance with blobs and large database file enhancements.


P.S. : Happy New Year 2004 to all you folks on this list.