Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Strange performance with FB 1.5 - Help
Author Daniel Rail

At December 30, 2003, 08:07, bazarin wrote:

> I did the changes in the FB configuration file as below:

> CpuAffinityMask=1
> DefaultDbCachePages=10240
> EventMemSize=655360
> LockRequireSpins=0
> DeadThreadsCollection=50

> These are the changes done from the default configuration.

> We runned the application again, first with one client (it last 2:22
> minutes) and with the all 4 clients that last 9:10 minutes. It seems
> that changing the CpuAffinityMask from 3 to 1 the total time
> increased instead.

Did you turn off the CPU's HT feature from the bios, as Aage asked?
There are issues using Superserver on a processor with HT enabled.
These issues are going to be addressed in FB 2.0.

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