Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Views getting corrupt
Author Nando Dessena
Martijn et al,

M> I've had the same problem with InterBase 6 and Firebird 1. I haven't
M> been able to figure out why it happens, even after close examination of
M> the system tables ... :-/

FWIW I have been observing similar behaviour on views based on other
views since IB 5.6 (it looks like it is more frequent if the
deprecable syntax "create view ... as select * from ..." is used).
In my case a backup/restore didn't cure the problem, while pumping the
data into an empty database did.
Never been able to reproduce it in a simple case, though. I suspect
the problem must be in the view metadata, but I have nothing yet to
back up my suspicion.

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