Subject Re: Views getting corrupt
Author nols_smit
My latest trial with Backup/Restore was with Database Workbench

When I did the Backup only the garbage collection switch was on.

When I did the Restore the following switches were on:
Overwrite existing database
Create shadow files
Restore validity conditions

It happens when I execute the view.

Martijn Tonies replied today:
"I've had the same problem with InterBase 6 and Firebird 1. I haven't
been able to figure out why it happens, even after close examination
of the system tables ... :-/"

I will now download RC8 and try it's command line version of gbak.exe
and then report my findings.


Nols Smit

--- In, Daniel Rail <daniel@a...>
> Hi,
> At December 29, 2003, 11:02, nols_smit wrote:
> > Yes I know the mechanics behind views. But the SQL statements of
> > view must be stored somewhere in a data base table(s) and I
> > it is that table(s) getting corrupt because when I open the
> > view (using IBManager) I get the following message:
> > frmViewView_2.frmData.DataSelectQuery:
> > Arithmetic overflow or division by zero has occured.
> > arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation
> The SQL statement of a view is stored in a system table, and it's
> same table that all your tables main definition(fields are in
> table) are stored in. So, if it would be that table that would be
> corrupt, then you probably would have problems accessing some of
> tables. And, the SQL statement is stored in a text blob.
> Does this error appears when you prepare the statement or only when
> you execute it?
> > If I delete and then re-create the view with it's original SQL
> > statements then the problem disappears till I do a Backup and
> What are the settings for the backup and restore processes? If you
> use the command line utility GBAK, do you get the same result?
> > My guess is:
> > The Backup/Restore utility of IBManager's V3.6.5.1 does not match
> > with Firebird SuperServer V1.5 RC6, or
> > Firebird SuperServer V1.5 RC6 cannot handle 60 views in a
> Please try RC8 and then post your result. If you are still having
> problems with RC8, then probably someone else would take a closer
> look. Who knows, whatever problem you are experiencing might be
> corrected in RC8.
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