Subject Re: [firebird-support] Migration Strategy IB5.6->FB1.0
Author Florian Hector
> Has anyone important pointers/tips to give in making this a smooth
> transistion. Ideally a Disaster Recovery/Rollback plan would be appreciated
> even though this should not be required.
> The main question is regarding ODS version compatibility + server/client
> compatabilities.

The usual:
Make a backup of the DB using IB 5.6, to play it safe with transportable format switched on. Then
you make a restore using FB. The thing you have to check prior to using the db in production is
ambigous fieldnames:
When you have a joined dataset with a fieldname which exists in more than one table, IB didn't care
but FB does. So you have to qualify the fieldname.
E.g you had a query like this:

Select CustID, Customer, Address
from Customer
join Address on Customer.CustID=Address.CustID

Now, CustID exists in both tables, FB doesn't know which one to use. You have to change it into

Select Customer.CustID, ....