Subject Re: [firebird-support] Encryption of tables/rows
Author Ann Harrison
Scott Morgan wrote:

>Hello all, I pretty sure this must be a FAQ type question but I haven't
>found any answers.
>How do your protect sensitive data in a FB DB? User names and password
>stop access to the DB through the server, but what about somebody
>looking at the raw .FDB/.GDB files? I assume something like that is
>happening in the security.fdb to protect passwords, can it be extended
>to general tables/DBs?
Actually, the algorithm used for passwords doesn't scale well and would
be prohibitively expensive to use for general data. At various times,
people have looked at the problem of encrypting data and there are
remnants of their efforts in the code. For the moment, the strong
recommendation is to use the operating system security features to keep
non-authorized processes from reading the database files. If you have
sensitive data, it should be physically secured. Of course, you can't
be certain that your network connections are secure.
lists some systems available to encrypt data across networks.